Port tasting, wine tasting, chocolate pairing

Wine & port paired with chocolate

Tony, from UVA, a wine bar and shop in Hitchin, and Kirsty, from The Choccie Drop, will be partnering together to host this wine and chocolate pairing evening. When wine and chocolate are paired together the flavour of both is enhanced, and is a fantastic combination! An event not to be missed - perfect to spend time with friends.



  • £30 per person
  • Tasting 4 wines plus 1 port, each paired with a different chocolate
  • Each wine and chocolate is introduced with explanations of each and why they are paired together
  • Takes place at  UVA, 26 Bucklersbury, Hitchin. SG5 1BG

Next event (at 7.30pm, at UVA, Hitchin):


  • Wednesday 11th December 2019