31. March 2020
With Easter only a couple of weeks away and the children at home these Easter nests are so easy and fun for them to make. They are great to do at anytime of the year too.
20. March 2020
An easy way to make your own chocolate Easter Eggs at home. A great, fun activity to do with children
05. February 2019
Have you ever wondered why we give chocolate for Valentine's Day gifts? All is explained here, plus a few gift ideas too
25. April 2018
The new ruby chocolate is now available as a KitKat. I've tried it - find out what I thought here
16. March 2018
Read on to find out more about why we give chocolate eggs at Easter.
19. January 2018
What's the difference between Belgian and Swiss chocolate, indeed, is there a difference? Find out here!
19. October 2017
My visit to The Chocolate Show 2017 didn't disappoint. The hi-light was taking part in a Bean to Bar experience with York Cocoa House, but I did loads of other fun things too, including chocolate eating (of course!)
13. September 2017
I was recently offered some carob cake, which looked very much like chocolate cake. So, I looked into what carob is, what it's used for, and then put the carob cake and later some carob to the taste test.
10. July 2017
Find out about my visit on The Chocolate Ecstasy tour in London: a guided tour around 4 chocolate shops.
02. April 2017
Found out about my visit to the Hotel Chocolat restaurant: Rabot 1745