Chocolate Easter nests



12 paper baking cases

200g quality chocolate (milk or dark), either chocolate chips or broken into small squares 

50g golden syrup

40g butter

100g cornflakes or rice krispies

50g mini or micro chocolate eggs

Equipment required:


Yorkshire pudding tin


Wooden spoon



Makes 12



Measure the ingredients to make Easter nests

Lay the paper cases out into the yorkshire pudding tin


Measure out the chocolate, golden syrup and butter into a pan

Melting the ingredients to make easter nests

Heat the pan gently on the hob, stirring with a wooden spoon

Heating and stirring to melt all ingredients for easter nests

Keep heating and stirring until all the butter has melted and the ingredients all combined

Adding in cornflakes or rice krispies for easter nests

Add in the cornflakes/ rice krispies to the pan and stir until all coated with the chocolate mixture

Spoon into paper cases for easter nests

With a teaspoon dollop a spoonful into each paper case, until all 12 are filled and the mixture used. Try to make a little well in the centre of each to make a nest.

Adding the mini eggs to complete the easter nests

For the finishing touch, add a few mini eggs into the centre of each nest

The final easter nest to enjoy

Leave to set (no need to refrigerate) and 




If you do need to store them for another day store in an airtight tin