Make your own chocolate Easter eggs


  • 300g good quality chocolate, plus 50g extra for decorating (milk or dark)
  • Sprinkles/ sweets to decorate (eg mini eggs, smarties, marshmallows, sugar decorations, chocolate writing pen)
  • Chocolates to fill (if using)



Equipment required:

  • Medium sized plastic bowl (suitable for microwave use)
  • Wooden spoon
  • Easter egg moulds (Lakeland sell some good ones)
  • Ladle
  • Foil
  • Scraper (if possible, but not essential, you can use a knife instead)



Makes 6 half eggs



          1. Lay some sheets of foil out onto your work surface


          2. Melt the chocolate gently in the microwave in a plastic bowl, pausing to stir every 20 seconds. Stop heating when you can still see small pieces of chocolate, then continue stirring until all the chocolate is finally melted. 


3. Take a mould and ladle in the chocolate to about 2/3rds full

4. Swirl the chocolate around so the chocolate coats all of the inside of the mould

5. Tip the mould upside down (over the bowl of chocolate) to empty out the excess chocolate, and hold there for 30 seconds

6. Flip the mould back over and scrape the dribbles of chocolate from round the flat edge of the mould to make a neat edge to the Easter egg

7. Lay the mould upside down onto the foil (so flat side down), leave to set somewhere cool (below 20 degrees)

8. Once the chocolate has set repeat steps 2-7 to give a double layer of chocolate

9. Once this 2nd layer has set (and I recommend leaving overnight) carefully remove from the mould (it should come away easily and just pop out)

     10. To decorate you will need some more melted chocolate, so follow step 2 again. 




11. You can then either decorate the inside of each half egg, or join 2 halves together to make a whole egg. To decorate a half egg, drizzle the inside of the half with melted chocolate and “stick” on the decorations

     12.  For a full egg then this is how to “stick” the 2 halves together. Lay one half down, so you can see the inside (like a bowl). If you want to have sweets or other chocolates inside the closed egg then put them into this half now. Carefully dab melted chocolate around the top edge of the half egg, and then join the other half to it. You may have to hold this in place for a few minutes, so ensure your fingers aren’t too hot or you will spoil the half you are holding, or use a clean towel. 


13. Once this has set and the 2 halves are stuck together then you can decorate the outside if you wish. Again, you can drizzle chocolate to stick some decorations to it, or I used a chocolate writing pen to write names

14. Store in a cool, dry place until you are ready to EAT them, or pop in a bag to give to friends or family