Chocolate ecstasy tour

I recently went on a Chocolate Ecstasy Tour in London. This is an organised tour of 4 chocolate shops in London, and I went with Dawn, a fellow chocolatier from The Melting Pot. We tasted LOADS of chocolate in each shop. Even I was a bit “chocolated out” by the end, which is saying something coming from this chocoholic! We visited Rococo, Pierre Herme, Artisan du Chocolat and finished at “R” Chocolates. There were so many types and flavours I can’t mention them all, from chocolate with 100% cocoa solids to vegan chocolate to tobacco flavoured chocolate to a hot chocolate drink to gin and tonic flavoured ganache to macarons the choice was amazing. My favourite was an Orange, Mango and Passion fruit ganache.


I would definitely recommend the Chocolate Ecstasy tours, more details and dates can be found on their website (